March 23, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Exactly a week after the sudden death of Oneil Brown, who recently shot to prominence among The Beacon’s readers, his grandmother and main caregiver also passed away.

Both died on a Saturday.

The grandmother, Amanda Montgomery, from Lluidas Vale in St Catherine, died this morning (March 23) at Linstead Public Hospital in the parish, her great-grandson Aldane Brown confirmed.

She was hospitalized after suffering a stroke two days subsequent to the death of her grandson, Oneil.

One of her daughters, Mauva Montgomery, this week described the matriarch as a strong woman who especially loved her grandchildren.

She, for example, raised her maternal grandson Oneil whose mother died when he was a baby.

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Oneil, in the meantime, left a lasting impression on many Beacon readers last year when he made an impassioned appeal for social acceptance of persons with diseases. He, in recent years, developed a skin diseases called vitiligo, which is neither contagious nor deadly.

Oneil complained about flu-like symptoms over the last few days of his life.

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