Don’t take Linstead for granted, JP warns banks and local authorities

Don’t take Linstead for granted, JP warns banks and local authorities

February 4, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

While lamenting that the town of Linstead in St Catherine is sometimes littered with garbage, a justice of the peace has urged the management of banks to erect more Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the area.

Wesley Scott, who also is Chairman of the Management Committee of Linstead Community Development Committee, said the existing machines are not only inadequate, but they also malfunction too often.

“As plenty as they look in the area, when one goh down, and two goh down, and three – like what happened recently during the Christmas season; all the machines went down and one little one was struggling,” he said.

“We need more machines because the area is really growing. Just to let you know, Linstead is considered to be a basin, and the catchment comes from St Catherine, St Andrew, St Mary, St Ann, Clarendon – a lot of those people; this is where they do business.”

Scott indicated that the banks should not take Linstead for granted; neither should the local authorities responsible for cleansing the town and the people who litter it.

“Don’t take Linstead for granted. It is a big town although it chuck up and rubbish a throw all about the place – but we are going to have to face up to that,” he said, adding that police Inspector Donovan Cassells has his fair share of work cut out for him in the Linstead area.

“Mr Casselles has his work cut out for him. They can’t lay him off; he has too much work down here [in Linstead] to do.”

Scott was speaking last week during an event hosted last week Thursday by the Linstead Community Development Committee.

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