Dalley responds to principal’s letter

Dalley responds to principal’s letter

May 29, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Principal of St John Basic School in Clarendon Northern, Florete Pantry, watched in merriment as the dream she expressed in a letter to her political representatives became a reality on Labour Day, May 23.

She wanted a wall at the front of the school mainly to prevent students from leaving the compound unsupervised, and venturing into the treacherous roadway that runs at the front of the institution.

Pantry stated that, out of fear for the looming danger, she spends much of her time at school ensuring that the students remain on the premises, which has a slope that compounds the safety issue.

“When I am in school during the days, I do more attending to the children outside because of the danger,” said Pantry, who has been working 35 years at the school founded some 50 years ago.

“I am glad for this project,” she added.

The residents who showed up to help fulfil the principal’s dream included Horace Dalley – Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern, and Anthony O’Connor who represents the Croft’s Hill Division in the Clarendon Municipal Corporation.

O’Connor lauded the residents for their participation in the initiative.

Dalley, in the meantime, noted that the project would not have been completed on Labour Day, but he promised to ensure it is done. “We are going to finish the wall; we are gonna dump up the inside (the slope); we are going to render it, paint it and put up the basic school sign,” he added.

Dalley said the wall construction, which will also benefit a church located beside the basic school, was the main Labour Day project in the constituency.

“Our executive of the constituency took a decision two weeks [prior to Labour Day], based on a letter that the principal wrote to us for the protection of the basic school,” he told The Beacon.

“This is the first basic school as you enter North Clarendon [from St Catherine] – very small, but a lot of men and women that you see today did attend this basic school. It has been here for many many years.”

Dalley, in the meantime, stated that his team was involved in a number of other Labour Day projects throughout the constituency.

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