Community builds house for mother of five in St Catherine

Community builds house for mother of five in St Catherine

July 1, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Residents of Connors district in St Catherine have come together to build a house for community member and mother of five children, Julie White.

The project was spearheaded by West Central Hope, which is a registered charity initiated by Member of Parliament for the area, Dr Christopher Tufton.

Work on the house commenced on Labour Day, May 23, and the dwelling was completed and officially handed over on June 26.

Dr Tufton, who is Minister of Health and Wellness, commended the residents who volunteered their time and effort to undertake the task.

He said construction of a solid house with new furniture provides peace of mind for the family, particularly the child.

“This was a community effort. We brought the community together; we provided the material; and consequently we now have this facility, which is much better than what Miss White had before,” Dr Tufton continued. “The objective is…to help those who are indigent and can’t help themselves; so we empower them, and accommodation is an important part of that.”

White, in her remarks, expressed gratitude to Dr Tufton and the wider community.

“I am joyful about it, and my children – everybody is happy, and I hope Dr Tufton continues to do his good work,” she said.

Meanwhile, President of the Connors Community Development Committee, Devon Wilks, said he is pleased to see the community coming together in response to a family in need to ‘make their lives a little bit better’.

By the Jamaica Information Service

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