Clarendon principal commends graduates for ‘good’ performance

Clarendon principal commends graduates for ‘good’ performance

July 2, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

Kellits Primary Board Chairman, Karriem Williams

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Principal of Kellits Primary, Rhynee McKay Bennett

Principal of Kellits Primary School in Clarendon, Rhynee McKay Bennett, has urged the 104 students who graduated from the institution this week to remain cognizant of the fact that Excellence Is The Key – as declared in the school’s motto.

“Continue to make excellence your hallmark,” she advised in a message through The Beacon.

The principal added: “Kellits Primary School has adequately prepared you to soar wherever you move on to, and we are expecting great things from you in the future.”

She commended the students for their ‘good’ performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which was altered this year due to island-wide disruption caused by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The principal said: “The results were good [at Kellits Primary School]. Most students got placed at schools of their choice. An overall grade is not given, but it shows students performance on the Grade 4, 5 and 6 components [of PEP that have been] completed…

“The cohort of students did well. Most of them were placed in schools from their top three choices. Our top girl moves on to St Hilda’s High and our top boy to Charlemont High,” Bennett further said.

She gave the overall placements as follows:

Kellits High – 28 students

Clarendon College – 21

Edwin Allen High – 13

Charlemont High – 11

Claude McKay High – 11

Ewarton High – 4

Dinthill Technical – 4

St. Hilda’s High – 3

Bog Walk High – 2

St. Jago High – 1

Titchfield High – 1

Old Harbour High – 1

Ferncourt High – 1

Denbigh High – 1

Mona High – 1

McGrath High – 1

The principal, along with her staff, hosted a drive-through graduation for the students on Tuesday, June 30.

The event, which replaced the traditional graduation ceremony due to the COVID-19, took place on the Kellits Post Office road – close to kellits High School.

One by one, vehicles transporting graduates entered the central point by travelling beneath a decoration arched across the roadway.

When each vehicle came to a halt, the student passenger collected documents in an envelope, and posed in a sitting position for photos to be taken through open car windows.

Bennett told The Beacon that an effort was made to practice social distancing – one of the measures aimed at curbing COVID-19.

“The drive-through graduation was a huge success. The staff and parents went above and beyond to ensure that the day was a memorable one for all our 104 school leavers,” she said.

The principal added: “Using this medium proved highly beneficial in ensuring that we were able to observe the rules set out by the Ministry of Health and the government, as it relates to social/physical distancing and gatherings not exceeding a certain number.”

The government has limited public gatherings to a maximum 20 people.

Those who attended the Kellits Primary drive-through graduation included the school’s incoming board Chairman, Karriem Williams.

He told the teachers: “I see a lot of energy in you guys; I see a lot of cooperation; and you too care about each other and care about the common goal. I hear you asking about your principal quite often, so I see that level of respect.”

Williams also commended the educators for the planning and execution of the drive-through event. “I am really blown away by the seamless and full participation in what I saw taking place,” he further said.

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