Campbell, Stewart supporting Bunting

Campbell, Stewart supporting Bunting

June 9, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Two opposition parliamentarians – Dr Dayton Campbell and Michael Stewart – have thrown their support behind Peter Bunting for leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP).

They declared their support during the Knockpatrick Division conference, which was held at the May Day High School in Manchester this evening, June 9.

Bunting, the Member of Parliament for Manchester Central, yesterday announced his intention to challenge Dr Peter Phillips for leadership of the PNP. He was quickly supported by his long-time friend Mark Golding.

Dr Campbell, this evening, followed suit, saying: “He (Bunting) offers the most balance to lead the People’s National Party.”

Dr Campbell further stated that Bunting will provide everyone in the PNP with an opportunity to make an input regarding the direction in which the party is going.

“He offers an opportunity for us to develop plans and programmes, so that the business sector within the society can benefit,” Dr Campbell said in relation to Bunting.

He added that Bunting has succeeded in both the private and public sectors.

In the meantime, Stewart, Member of Parliament for Manchester Central, said he is supporting the candidate from Manchester.

“South Manchester – the Manchester team will have to support the candidate in Manchester; we cannot look otherwise. So, Comrade Bunting, we are with you…” Stewart said.

He also appealed for unity, considering the leadership challenge expected to take place in September.

“We trust that good sense will prevail as we move forward. We are not here to fight and fuss and quarrell and hit down anybody. It’s a democracy; we believe in the democratic process. We know that, once we are united, the People’s National Party will win the next election…” added Stewart.

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