VIDEO: Linstead Church Group Helps Over 80 Students, Marks 10th Anniversary

VIDEO: Linstead Church Group Helps Over 80 Students, Marks 10th Anniversary

October 7, 2022 0 By Horace Mills

Members of the planning committee for the Powered By A Dream 10th anniversary celebration.

A church-based charity, Powered By A Dream Foundation (PDF), located at Linstead in St. Catherine, has used its 10th anniversary celebration to do what it does best – share.

It distributed educational grants, scholarships and other prizes to just over 80 students weeks before the current school year.

Brittaney Jenkins who, along with Ajani McLean, spoke on behalf of the recipients of PDF grants and awards said: “These trophies, plaques and certificates will find places of honour in our homes to serve as a reminder of our importance to you [the PDF]…

“I am sure that the recipients are doubly motivated to do their best and will continue to strive for excellence,” she added.

The PDF, formerly Power Of A Dream Initiative, is based at the Palm Seventh Day Adventist Church in Treadways, Linstead. It was founded in 2012 by Carol Morgan, a member of the church. 

The programme presents students with incentives, especially money, based on their individual levels of academic achievement.

Morgan explained: “I started it in my home with my own children… That prompted them to do well and, after a while, I realized that they no longer depended on external motivation (money); they developed that intrinsic motivation [to do well].”

After her children graduated, Morgan requested and received permission to have her brainchild implement in the church at Treadways.

Some recipients of educational grants attending the Saturday church service as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of Powered By A Dream Foundation.

The first awards ceremony transpired in 2013 and involved 15 student recipients.

In March this year, the PDF became a registered charitable organization, Morgan revealed.

She added that the charity has been expanded to now include a branch at the Palm Seventh Day Adventist Church at Old Harbour in St Catherine, and at Toms River in St Andrew.

“This is our way of reaching out,” Morgan said. “You don’t have to have a tent crusade; you don’t have to go out there and preach. When you help people, [that makes a difference]. I realize that, once you can educate our people, you are going to bring them to another level.”

President of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventist, Nevail Barrett, delivering the main address during the awards ceremony at Dinthill Technical High School auditorium.

Morgan explained that most students who received grants during the charity organization’s awards banquet are not members of the church.

The banquet took place at Dinthill Technical High School auditorium on Sunday, August 28, the final of three days of celebration marking the PDF’s 10th anniversary.

The students who received special awards are:

– Atrado Brown and Christina Lewis. The two were adjudged the PDF’s top male and female students respectively in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP). Both students, who are recent graduates of Time and Patience Primary School, are now enrolled at St Jago High School. Lewis earned a placement score of 384.2 out of 400 while Brown reaped 377.7.

Two of the recipients of educational grants, Ajani McLean and Brittaney Jenkins, speak on behalf of the over 80 awardees during the awards banquet held at Dinthill Technical High.

– Ajani McLean, Kerry-Ann Harrison, and Brittany Jenkins were declared the PDF’s Most Consistent students in academics. Jenkins, whose father died recently, also was awarded for being Most Persistent awardee.

– Shantal Harris received the I Believe Award, given to a non-Seventh-Day Adventist who has overcome huge challenges to achieve excellence. Her Grade Point Average is 3.74.

– Jonnel Henry, who is studying hospitality at Moneague College, walked away with the Vincent Lounds Snr Vocational Skills Award.

– Yolanda Ellis received the PDF Scholarship.

The Osanna Praise group performing the brand new Powered By A Dream Foundation theme song during Saturday service held as part of the charity organization’s 10th anniversary.

– Abigail Edwards, Jada Jackson and Jordia Tucker received scholarships from Northern Caribbean University.

– Keano Byfield received the Elder’s Award, which is given to someone who is highly industrious in the church.

As part of the PDF’s tin anniversary, it also unveiled a plaque at its home church and officially released its theme song, written by Pastor Jermaine Johnson and sung by the Osanna Praise group.

Past recipients of educational grants also used the opportunity to launch the PDF Alumni Association, through which they intend to support the PDF’s outreach programmes.

Carol Morgan, founder and chief director of the Powered By A Dream Foundation

The PDF, in the meantime, was on the receiving end of strong commendation from different members of the clergy, including pastors Dane Fletcher, Dwayne Scott, Carlton Richards, Everett Rowe, and Nevail Barrett who is President of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventist.

“It is an occasion of which we can be proud…” Pastor Barrett said during the awards banquet. “We want to commend the leadership of the Palm District of Churches for organizing this initiative, which has helped to identify the young people in our communities for their hard work and dedication.”

In the meantime, Morgan expressed gratitude to all stakeholders who have helped the charity organization to be making a positive difference. They include the following sponsors:

– Act Fast Welding Limited

– Alacrity Security Services Limited

– Aquafood Limited

– Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

– Dinthill Technical High School

– Dixon’s Drug Store

– DL Financial Services

– Educom Co-op Credit Union

– Extreme Groceries

– Facey Commodity Company

– Full Stop Auto Supplies

– Gas Pro – Portmore

– Jamaica Bedding Company Limited

– Jamaica Union of SDA Churches

– Northern Caribbean University

– Ojay Koolers Company Limited

– Safety and Fire Systems Limited

– SKKY Technologies

– Synkrosoft

– The Sign Shop

– Value Plus Decorative Concrete

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