VIDEO: Father Would Have Given A Kidney To Save His Son

VIDEO: Father Would Have Given A Kidney To Save His Son

September 30, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

A picture bearing Javar Bailey’s image is placed among candles during a vigil held at his Vanity Fair residence in Linstead.

Neville Thompson would have given his son a kidney if it would have kept him alive.

His 29-year-old son, Javar Bailey, from Vanity Fair district in Linstead, St Catherine, died of kidney failure on September 19 at University Hospital of the West Indies.

“Mi never even get the chance fi seh, if him want a kidney, mi could donate mine to him,” he told The Beacon.

He added: “When I was in the hospital, I told the doctor that I should be in there more than my son because him nuh live nuh life yet. Mi live my life… It better a me did gone and him deh yah. Mi naah spit in God face, but a soh mi feel.”

Bailey, for whom a candlelight vigil was held on Wednesday evening, September 28, spent his last few weeks in and out of hospitals.

“Mi never really know seh him sick to such, because mi and him nuh live one place,” his father said, reflecting on how he learned that son was seriously ill.

“My sister called and told mi that him sick; I tried to save him,” he added.

Thompson stated that he and his son were close although they had different surnames. He explained that he was the one given a wrong surname, and he eventually righted that wrong when he had the opportunity to name his son.

NEVILLE THOMPSON: It better a me did gone and him deh yah.

He spoke highly of the late Bailey.

“He is a go-getter; mi respect him for that. Anything him want, him try fi achieve it. Differently, he was a good youth. He is a man who was jovial,” Thompson said.

Now that Bailey has died, his father is prepared to help care for the baby girl he has left behind. She will turn one year old in December.

“I nuh get a daughter, and my son dead lef a daughter, so right now I have to defend her,” Thompson declared. “Mi a try set this thing fi her that, if I even pass on, she still have to achieve.”

The late Javar Bailey described as jovial and ambitious

The late Bailey was well known in Linstead town where he had been selling phone accessories in recent years across the main road from Juici Patties.

He is an alumni of Lluidas Vale Primary School as well as Rosemount Primary and Junior High, both in St Catherine.

His older brother, Jermaine Dillon, was among people who attended a candlelight vigil held on Wednesday, September 28. Relatives and friends played music, socialized, and lit candles at Bailey’s Vanity Fair residence.

Dillon, like many others, is still trying to come to grips with the loss.

JERMAINE DILLON: My brother’s death shocked me.

“I wasn’t looking for this,” he told The Beacon. “I wasn’t looking for this; it shocked me.”

Dillon described his sibling as jovial. “My brother was a very jovial brother – loving and caring,” he further said.

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