FAMILY: Dr Adams Died Peacefully On His Birthday

FAMILY: Dr Adams Died Peacefully On His Birthday

October 1, 2022 0 By Horace Mills

CLOSED: The office in Lluidas Vale from which Dr Bernett Adams served several rural residents for just over two decades

In its first statement since the death of Dr Bernett Adams, the bereaved biological family has lauded his decades of “selfless” service through the medical profession.

“He lived a very good life; he was a good and honourable man who was very selfless and would have come to see his patients over the years almost every day,” the family said.

It added that Dr Adams, a senior citizen, passed away peacefully.

He was actively carrying out his duties up to weeks before his demise.

He operated mainly at Lluidas Vale district in St Catherine. However, that office was noticeably closed in the weeks leading up to his death.

Dr Adams also practiced at Kellits town in Clarendon and at Kingston Public Hospital.

“Unfortunately, he passed on the 20th of September, which was his birthday. You can imagine why his family is in shock because we were looking forward to celebrating his birthday, not looking forward to plan a funeral,” the family further told The Beacon.

Many people, mainly in the rural communities where Dr Adamas had his operation, have expressed sadness and grief over his passing.

“We appreciate your love and support and we are glad that he lived a life of service,” the family said.

It did not disclose much information about Dr Adams’ personal life, noting that he was very private.

The family, in the meantime, advised that only Dr Adams’ relatives are allowed to conduct business on his behalf.

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