LINSTEAD: Man wants part of slain friend’s possession

LINSTEAD: Man wants part of slain friend’s possession

January 28, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

He should be focused on mourning the loss of his childhood friend, Niguel Beason, whom a licensed firearm holder shot dead during a dispute at Club Lavish in Linsted, St Catherine, shortly before dawn on 31 December 2018.

But *Delroy Lewis said he must vent because relatives of the deceased have deprived him of things he should inherit partly as compensation for work he’d done.

Lewis noted that, based on his knowledge, the late Beason, with whom he attended McGrath High School in Linstead, has three taxis operating in the Linstead area, as well as a house at Wallen Housing Scheme in Linstead.

He said Beason, who lived in England, usually send funds for him to work on the house because he apparently lost trust in a close relative who initially would collect the money. Both of Beason’s parents predeceased him.

Beason’s house at Wallen Housing Scheme in Linstead

Lewis said he worked for Beason and was never fussy about being fully compensated, adding that he gave up his job as a labourer to dedicate his time to Beason’s project.

“I do a lot of hardship with him – even rat bat was in his house rotting down his roof and I mek sure I get rid of them,” Lewis told The Beacon, adding: “Mi get up outa mi bed sometimes like 6 o’clock in the morning, cut his lawn, water flowers, paint his house and so on.”

Lewis said he remained honest even when his girlfriend complained about him working without being adequately paid.

“I would be there working for one month and sometimes Beason sent JA$10,000 to me for the month, and you not seeing any more pay for a long time until he see anybody coming from England he send like two pair of shoes. That’s how we lived,” Lewis added.

He told The Beacon that one of the reasons he was not fussy is that Beason promised to eventually help him build a small house for himself.

“The house I live in is an old house that mi grandfather dead lef. Beason said he would try help me to build a one-bedroom house, so I just jump around and do things for him.”

The late Niguel Beason. Photo Credit:

Lewis further stated that, whenever Beason is in Jamaica, both of them were always seen together. They were together to the very end.

Lewis said, when the deadly fight started at Club Lavish on 31 December 2018, he was trying to restore peace. He ended up rushing Beason to Linstead Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Lewis claimed that, since Beason’s demise, members of his family in Jamaica moved quickly to collect his possessions.

He wanted even the cheapest of Beason’s taxis, which is valued at approximately JA$300,000, but the relatives would not relent.

“Beason’s common-law-wife said I should take one of the best taxis. I did that; I put it aside. But how the relatives were coming at me, I just hand it over to them. The oldest car – the value of it is like $300,000 based on the condition. If they are giving me the oldest car; my mother said I should take it and satisfy,” Lewis said.

He added: “Based on how Beason’s family come at me, the common-law-wife got scared and tell me to give up the cars before people get me killed down here. I turn over everything to the family. My mother don’t like problem, and so I try my best to please her.”

Club Lavish in Linstead where Beason was shot dead during a dispute with licensed firearm holder before daybreak on December 31.

Lewis, in the meantime, said some of Beason’s relatives have indicated that he may be offered something after the funeral, which is scheduled to take place next month in Jamaica.

Lewis, however, is not convinced. “People on the road tell me the family is only brainwashing me; they only telling me that I may get something until everything is over I don’t hear anything from them,” added Lewis, 39.

The Beacon contacted one of Beason’s sisters for an interview; she promised to consider the request.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Beason’s friend has requested that his real name not be published. As a result, we used the ‘Delroy Lewis’ pseudonym.

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