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5 gold medals!

JT is proving to be a force with which to reckon in sporting events.

The native of Lluidas Vale in St Catherine won five gold medals and one silver last week Friday, May 3, during Sports Day activities hosted at Ewarton Sports Complex by Kidz Campuz Nursery and Pre-school.

The child, whose real name is Jhaythan Samuels, helped Ebanks House to secure victory over Hamilton.

He copped gold medals in the 100 Metres, the Frog Leap, Sack Race, Obstacle Race, and the Late for School Challenge.

In the Maths Race, JT picked up a silver. His mother, Georgia ‘Heather’ Roberts, said her son missed the gold medal because he was a bit too slow. He later explained that he merely was ensuring the answers are correct.

“I am overwhelmed,” the proud mother told The Beacon.

“I am happy for the Late for School Challenge because, last year, JT came fourth in that race and I cried. Last year, he said ‘Mommy I can’t manage Late for School Challenge; I don’t wanna do it.’ He ended up doing it and getting the gold medal this year.”

JT, last year, also won five gold medals.

His medal tally improved this time round – his final sporting clash at the kindergarten level, considering that he turned six in March.

Congrats, young champion!

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