Now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in computer science through the University of London, former Junior Mayor of Black River Brandi Dennis is still basking in the highs she attained in recent months in academics and the performing arts. She has won a previously elusive national award in the speech competition hosted annually by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). Brandi also recently completed her sojourn at Hampton School for Girls, earning nine CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). Putting the proverbial icing on the cake, she reaped the best grade attainable – Grade One – in eight of the subjects, namely: Physics, Mathematics,Read More →

Confident that he now has a manager who is willing to push his musical career, Richie Bar from Port Morant in St. Thomas is aiming for big things this year. “Mi dream si big things and mi have nuff more music in store,” he said. His latest song, One Talamela, is the only track released so far since he started working with Orville Whyte, a Jamaican music producer and manager living in Canada. “Mi deh bout for years a struggle and couldn’t find the right people [to manage my career],” the artiste explained. “But Whyte rate mi and know mi deh round the music longRead More →