Not a person to wallow in self pity, Herchelle Crosdale, currently a farm worker and mother of two boys, is always searching for ways to advance herself and her family. And she has come a far way doing it. After graduating from Seaforth High School in St Thomas with only two CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), Crosdale moved to the neighbouring parish of Portland to seek employment. There, she got a job at the Portland Municipal Corporation. Two years later, she, feeling homesick, decided to move back to her rural community of Roselle, located in St Thomas Western. She later became employedRead More →

Rayon Smith has been making a name for himself in academics and leadership. And that’s the reason many are banking on him to continue bringing pride and joy to his family as well as his community of Long Road in Portland Eastern. “From Rayon was a little child, I knew that he would do well. I had no doubt,” said his mother, Malina Speid. “If he needed a textbook or anything for school, he would keep reminding me because he always wanted to get high marks. My son is very respectful, hardworking and diligent. He makes me proud every single day.” Already, Rayon has attainedRead More →

After serving time in prison on drug-related charges while his brother was police commissioner, Leando Howell changed his life for the better – to the extent that he is now recipient of a prestigious community award. He is respected throughout his adopted community of Ewarton, St. Catherine, where his alias is “Bush Jacket”, reflecting his love for kariba shirts (also called bush jackets). That dress code is not the only thing for which Howell stands out. He also has made a name for establishing and managing one of the longest running and most vibrant round-robins around town. “A lot of people made something out ofRead More →

Despite being on the cusp of retiring from official office, Apostle Vincent James is musing on the next soul to be won for his maker’s kingdom. “I will travel and minister until my time comes to depart this life,” declares the preacher extraordinaire, who was baptized as far back as April 16, 1961. He made the big move at age 15 after accepting an invitation to attend a meeting at the then Apostolic Church of Jamaica, which, at the time, was headed by a Canadian missionary, Ray Naylor. That sanctuary has been renamed the Apostolic Church of Jamaica Miracle Tabernacle. It is located in St.Read More →