Trishanna Brown is more than a geriatric nurse and owner of the GlowWhite line of skincare products. She is an epitome of perseverance. “I am always praying and listening to the voice that says I can do better,” she told The Beacon, reflecting on the rebellious teenage years she has left behind. “I was a very naive child, but time has changed my mind.” One of Brown’s most egregious errors was her decision to defiantly stop attending school while she was in grade nine at Ewarton High. “My mom tried to send me back to school; she tried to get counselling for me, but IRead More →

A gun attack that left one of them struggling to walk, three fires at their makeshift store, and the sudden death of their daughter this year could have wrecked Collie Smith and his wife Geneiva Smith, also called Miss Sue. But the couple from the Kellits area of Clarendon remains high-spirited while still operating their store – a source of glory and pain. Mr. Smith recalled that, on a painful night about five years ago, gunmen pounced upon him in a dark area after he closed the business and was making his usual trip home on foot in what was considered a safe haven. TheRead More →

Do not allow your loved-one to be lost in a strange country during air travel. To prevent such traumatic experience, Shelly-Ann Cawley, who has worked in the airline industry for 21 years, has established the ideal company – Travelers Care. Its caregivers travel with vulnerable people – including children, senior citizens, patients who have doctor appointments, and the differently abled – until they are in their loved-ones’ care in their right destinations. “It is a business, but it is also about caring for people,” Cawley noted, adding that her company also delivers puppies to different destinations. The service is available within the United States andRead More →

The smiles on their faces said it all. Meresa Mitchell and her husband of three years, Donovan Mitchell, also known as Pantar, were glad to reopen their cookshop in Kellits town, Clarendon, on Saturday, December 11. The cookshop – a metal container – was gutted by fire on the night of September 11. “When yuh business burn down, yuh feel like yuh lost, but God provide and change the situation,” said Donovan, who started cooking at the location some 20 years ago. He said the fire consumed more than $1 million worth of goods, including food items, refrigerators, fryers, stove and pots. “Everything in yahRead More →

After 12 years serving his country through the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Oral Clarke, who also is passionate about music, opted to become a full-fledged businessman. “Business has always been a part of me,” he told The Beacon. “If it is not music, it is business. And if it’s not business, it’s music.” Prior to joining the JCF, he sold jewellery to tourists mainly online. He stated that, while serving in the police force, he also obtained a first degree in business management at the University of the West Indies. Clarke added that his love for business later prompted him to resign from the policeRead More →

After serving time in prison on drug-related charges while his brother was police commissioner, Leando Howell changed his life for the better – to the extent that he is now recipient of a prestigious community award. He is respected throughout his adopted community of Ewarton, St. Catherine, where his alias is “Bush Jacket”, reflecting his love for kariba shirts (also called bush jackets). That dress code is not the only thing for which Howell stands out. He also has made a name for establishing and managing one of the longest running and most vibrant round-robins around town. “A lot of people made something out ofRead More →