KELLITS: MP wants landfill in Clarendon; residents excited to see garbage truck in Lampson

Residents of Lampson district in the Croft’s Hill area of Clarendon Northern were pleasantly surprised when they last month witnessed a garbage truck in their community – something adult residents had not seen in a lifetime.

A 34-year-old member of the community, Melecia McDonald, said she was seeing a garbage truck there for the first time, adding that she advocated for it. She further stated that a 99-year-old resident also had never witnessed a garbage truck in Lampson.

When contacted, Member of Parliament Horace Dalley did not address the specific Lampson case, but he told The Beacon that garbage collection in the constituency has improved slightly.

“It has improved a little because I think the National Solid Waste Management Authority got some garbage trucks. I think they have just assigned one to the hills now,” he added.

Dalley lamented that garbage collected from several communities in his constituency is transported a relatively long distance away to St Elizabeth – an arrangement he thinks is causing a pileup of garbage.

The solution, Dalley said, is to have a landfill established in Clarendon.

“We are calling for a landfill in Clarendon – somewhere in Clarendon. How often you think we can leave from James Hill, Aenon Town, Crooked River, Croft’s Hill, Comsee, Jericho, Good Hope, Mason River [in my constituency] to go to St Elizabeth? Everytime the truck comes, it full up when it reach Kellits,” Dalley further said.

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