Community Focus | Linstead man moves from hut to house, thanks to aspiring councillor

June 25, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Christopher Gordon, who lives at Vanity Fair district in Linstead, St. Catherine, now has a much larger and more comfortable house.

He is singing the praises of a total stranger, who fulfilled his promise to build him the new structure.

The one-time stranger, Clement Dehaney, is an aspiring politician, who will represent the Jamaica Labour Party in the Linstead Division in the next Local Government Election.

“I am not doing this because of politics; I have been doing these things a long time now,” Dehaney told The Beacon.

“It is because of what I have been doing why people are pushing me to go into politics.”

Dehaney further explained that, while travelling to and from work, he often saw Gordon along the roadway with some animals beside a hut.

Out of curiosity, he, one day, stopped and had a chat with Gordon.

In that conversion, Dehaney learnt that Gordon was living inside the hut. He looked inside the structure and was shocked by what he saw.

The dirt-floor hut, which is 4X6, had an old refrigerator, a television set, and a makeshift bed and table.

Moved by Gordon’s living condition, Dehaney promised to help him with a house – a promise that apparently was not hard to fulfill.

“It was kinda not so difficult, because I have some friends who I called up and they donated plywood, zinc and those stuff,” Dehaney commented while expressing gratitude to the people who helped.

He is ecstatic that Gordon is now the owner of a 12X12 house.

“It is a joy – a real joy to me. This is what I love to feel when I do things for people who are in need,” Dehaney said while encouraging other people to show kindness to the less fortunate.

In the meantime, Gordon, a 44-year-old farmer, said he did not have the funds needed to build a house.

“I didn’t have money to build a house for myself; I am not an employed person. I do just a little farming and get a day’s work and so on. The income nuh bright,” he told The Beacon.

Gordon further stated that it feels surreal that someone, whom he did not previously know, fulfilled a promise of such great magnitude.

“That bredda (Dehaney) is a good bredda; That bredda is for the people” Gordon commented. “I feel a relief; I can’t tell you how much I thank that man.”

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