Linstead Student Earns Distinction In CXC Information Technology In Grade Nine

Linstead Student Earns Distinction In CXC Information Technology In Grade Nine

October 20, 2023 0 By Horace Mills

Sabrina Edwards from Linstead in St Catherine is already tasting the glory that accompanies top-notch performance in regional exams.

She has attained the highest possible grade (Grade One) in CSEC Information Technology, which is administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). She further embellished that feat with ‘A’ profiles in all three components of the subject.

“When the result came out, I was ecstatic and I felt an immense amount of relief,” said Sabrina, who was a 14-year-old ninth grader at the time she sat the exam. “While preparing for my CSEC examination, the daunting fact that I had a short period to learn the curriculum left me constantly worried.”

Not allowing trepidation to overpower her, Sabrina tapped into her sense of determination and made the best use of past papers and practice questions. And she didn’t leave out prayer.

Her expressed aim is to leave secondary school with at least 12 CSEC subjects. Most students pursue no more than eight.

Explaining her decision to venture above the average, Sabrina said: “This is mainly due to having multiple interests in varying subjects and preferring to have a broad area of knowledge.”

She already commenced preparation to sit CSEC Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business.

A past student of Bread of Life Christian Academy in Linstead, Sabrina is now enrolled at Immaculate Conception High School, where she has made the honour roll and is a member of the chess club.

Sabrina strikes a pose with her ‘Honour Roll’ certificate, which she attains at Immaculate Conception High

It is sometimes challenging, she said, to travel the relatively long distance daily between her home in Linstead and school in Kingston.

“The continuous struggle of juggling academic studies and handling daily activities such as traveling to school from another parish can be exhausting. Nevertheless, I did it with the support from God, my family and friends.”

Damion Kelly, who taught Sabrina CSEC Information Technology at Charlemont High Extension School, commended the teen for her work ethic, which he described as excellent.

“She wouldn’t stop until she fully understands the content properly,” he explained. “Initially, Sabrina wasn’t confident in herself and she expressed fear based on the complexity of the subject – Information Technology. However, I was always confident in her abilities and promised her that she would receive a good grade once she put in the work.”

The teacher also opined that students should start sitting CSEC subjects prior to their final year of secondary school.

“I believe that students should be encouraged to challenge themselves in doing CXC subjects earlier rather than later. Doing so, they’ll get available experience, develop their confidence, and provide an avenue to correct mistakes or weaknesses going forward,” he reasoned.

Sabrina, the daughter of Paulette and Yuen Edwards, said her mother was the one who encouraged her to take an early shot at the regional exam.

“I am elated and proud of her,” her mother told The Beacon. “She is focused, dedicated and determined.”

The mother added that, throughout the preparation for the exam, she provided her daughter with emotional support and also reviewed past papers with her.

Her hope is that Sabrina, though yet to decide the specific career she will pursue, will stay put on the current trajectory of excellence.

Sabrina, in the meantime, encouraged other students to remain focused and to seek help when needed.

“Though challenging, I would suggest setting aside an hour every day to review the subjects and work on past papers,” she advised. “YouTube videos are also at our disposal that provide the additional assistance that is require. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for help from either your teacher or someone else.”

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