Beacon Of The Day | Motorist Saves Elderly Man Reported Missing (Video)

March 6, 2023 0 By Jamaica Beacon

A motorist, who has never met or spoken with his father, has helped some adult children to reunite with their elderly dad in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth.

Andre Hylton said he saw the senior citizen, who was unknown to him, seemingly wandering about nine o’clock on Friday evening, 3 February 2023. He was walking on a lonely road in New River, heading towards a remote area where a river is located.

Hylton recalled stopping the motorcar he was driving and making inquiries of the elderly man to ascertain his reason for being in the area.

The man said he was visiting a particular person. The name he gave was not known to Hylton, who knows the New River area and its residents well.

Andre Hylton

“Something did a gwaan inna him head weh nuh right,” Hylton told The Beacon, indicating that the man appeared senile. “Mi did haffi try do something fi get him inna the car fi get him up a di [police] station.”

He eventually convinced the elderly man to enter his motorcar after telling him that he would have brought him to his desired destination.

When the man entered the car, Hylton instead took him to Santa Cruz Police Station. He was not pleased with the move, and insisted that he did nothing wrong and should not have been brought to the station.

Hylton told the police what was happening, and they took his identity information.

Santa Cruz Police Station

They, in turn, told Hylton that the elderly man’s daughter had visited the station and reported her father missing.

In fact, the daughter, as well as a police team, was in Santa Cruz searching for the senior citizen while Hylton was at the police station.

The daughter eventually was informed that her father was found wandering about half mile outside the town of Santa Cruz.

Hylton told The Beacon that the daughter was grateful to him for reuniting her father with her.

The elderly man was seen after nightfall wandering on this stretch of road in New River, St Elizabeth

He explained: “They give mi a joyful answer and tell mi how much dem glad fi find him. They even give me a drink an seh dem nuh really have it (money) to give me. Mi seh a nuh really look mi a look fi nutten; mi jus want know seh him deh pon the safe side.”

Hylton, who attended Santa Cruz Primary School and Balaclava High, grew up with his mother and maternal grandmother. He never met or heard from his father.

Hylton recalled growing up around a number of young men – an experience that he said inspires him to do good.

“Mi grow with a set a youth; wi always a share,” he said emphatically.

He encourages other people to be vigilant and to look out for others.

“If yuh si people inna trouble weh yuh can assist in any way, assist,” he advised.

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