YOUNG and GIFTED: Boy in video washing is on honour roll at school

YOUNG and GIFTED: Boy in video washing is on honour roll at school

May 19, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Seven-year-old Joshua Loten, who lives at Bartons district in St. Catherine, has been taking a keen interest in his domestic affairs since he was three years old.

He now washes dishes very well, and is getting better at washing small clothes – including whites.

The boy’s mother, Casandra Pryce, said: “Him knead flour; I was so surprised.”

She further told The Beacon that she does not discourage her son’s eagerness to give a helping hand around the home.

She said Joshua’s two older brothers, Raniel and Lidan, who are 15 and 17 respectively, also wash and iron their clothes very well.

The mother considers it important for her four children – all boys – to perform chores at home.

“I teach all my boys to do things. When they iron their clothes, people have to look on them,” she declared in relation to her two teens.

The seven-year-old, who is yet to start ironing, is shown in the video above fulfilling a request he made to wash for his baby brother.

He is not only interested in chores.

He is academically inclined, and is on the honour roll at Bartons Primary School, his mother told The Beacon.

He intends to become a pilot.

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