Vaz cautions social media users, says slain politician was his doctor

Vaz cautions social media users, says slain politician was his doctor

February 6, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for Portland Western Daryl Vaz yesterday urged political enthusiasts, as well as people in mainstream and social media to be responsible in the comments they make about the murder of his sometimes personal doctor, Lyndale Bloomfield.

The nude body of Dr Bloomfield, Member of Parliament for Portland Eastern since 2011, was found in his Portland house on Saturday, February 2. He was stabbed several times.

During the first sitting of the House of Representatives since the murder, parliamentarians paid tribute to their late colleague who was a member of the Opposition People’s National Party.

Vaz of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) said: “I implore both party leaders to insist and instruct their followers to resist the attempts of using Dr Bloomfield’s death to score cheap political points, and to further make a call to the mainstream media houses – along with the users of social media to act in a responsible and professional manner, which will allow the police to speedily investigate this unfortunate case of murder.

“These cautions will allow our colleague to be mourned with the dignity and respect which is shown to all whom he encountered during his tenure as Member of Parliament. Mr Speaker, you can be assured that, in this regard, as a leader in the parish of Portland, I will lead by example,” added Vaz, who is pictured above.

He noted that his wife, Ann-Marie, ‘developed a close relationship’ with Dr Bloomfield although she was selected to possibly challenge him for the Portland East seat in the next election.

Dr Lyndale Bloomfield

In relation to the late parliamentarian, Vaz continued: “There are no stories of political squabbles to tell, as we both understood that our primary concern is the well-being of the people and the parish of Portland, and so we worked together where and when necessary. Our relationship as rival MPs could be best described as unique, given today’s unfortunate tribal nature of our politics.

“It would be hard pressed in today’s politics to find a politician who could or would call on their political opponent to treat him, his immediate family members and friends as a medical doctor from time to time. This was the case with Lyndale Bloomfield and myself. He always responded to my calls by coming to my home in Portland…” Vaz said.

He further posited that, although Dr Bloomfield’s performance in the seat was questioned on a number of occasions, the late parliamentarian ‘defended himself with self-assured confidence and quiet dignity’.

Vaz added: “Dr Bloomfield’s service to the people of our country as a political representative and a medical practitioner has come to an abrupt end. We have been robbed of the friendship and stewardship of our colleague.”

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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