UPDATE: Man arrested for murder of Jamaican barber in tattoo quarrel

UPDATE: Man arrested for murder of Jamaican barber in tattoo quarrel

July 24, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Police in the United States have arrested 42-year-old Hernel George Garrick for the gun murder of 47-year-old Jamaican barber Barrington Francis, shortly after mid-day yesterday at A&E Barber Shop, along the 6000 Block of Sunset Strip.

Co-workers told Florida police that the incident was sparked by an argument the two barbers had over a tattoo.

The victim, Barrington, is originally from a community in rural Jamaica known as St John, bordering the parishes of St Catherine and Clarendon.

He returned to Jamaica in April to bury one of his brothers, Gregory Seville, who died in a Florida bike crash.

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Although two brothers now have died tragically this year, there are two others still living in the United States – Neville and Larrington Francis. Their mother is still alive in Jamaica.

Neville said his brother who died on Monday helped the alleged shooter to get a job at the barber shop, but he noted that the relationship between the two barbers was tense.

“To me, sometimes they say they argue, but my brother don’t take it serious,” Neville told WSVN7, a Florida television station.

“We need justice,” he added. Neville also said the accused grabbed his brother by the shirt before he shot him.

Hernel George Garrick (left) has been charged for the gun murder of Jamaican barber Barrington Francis

Another member of the bereaved family living in Florida, in an interview with Jamaica Beacon this afternoon, said the alleged shooter was not employed at the time Barrington helped him to get a job.

“Barrington saw that the guy didn’t have a job, felt sorry for him, and helped him to get employed at the barbershop,” said the relative who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The accused, who was arrested at the crime scene, now faces a second-degree murder charge. He is being held at Broward County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

By Horace Mills

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