UPDATE: Linstead Residents Finally Released; No Third Test

UPDATE: Linstead Residents Finally Released; No Third Test

June 19, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

The St. Catherine Health Department today released 22 people who had complained that they were being held unjustly under quarantine for two months at their home in the Rosemount area of Linstead, St. Catherine.

Earlier this week, they told The Beacon that they were being held despite being tested negative on two occasions in relation to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

They said the health authorities had indicated that the quarantine period would be further extended if they did not undergo a third test.

The residents boycotted the third test, which they said was scheduled for June 8.

Since The Beacon this week reported the resident’s objection to a third test, we tried daily to get answers from the health ministry – through its communications director Stephen Davidson. However, Davidson repeatedly said he was awaiting a response from the St. Catherine Health Department.

The residents, this afternoon, were issued letters dated June 19 to formalize their release. Each letter says the respective person completed the ‘mandatory time of quarantine’ and is now allowed to ‘resume normal daily activities’.

One of the residents told The Beacon: “Everyone is happy and glad we we have finally been released. It seems we just get release from prison.”


In the meantime, one resident from the said premises remains in isolation in Kingston.

She is an employee of Alorica call centre where there was an outbreak of COVID-19.

The health authorities initially develop an interest in the said premises in Linstead because the Alorica worker lives there.

The premises has seven houses – only two of which had confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The other five houses had no confirmed case although its occupants were tested on two occasions. Occupants of the five houses with negative results claimed that they were being punished because their neighbours tested positive. The first test was on April 16, and the second one took place 21 days later.

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