Two more hours to party

Two more hours to party

December 12, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang has announced an additional two hours for the hosting of parties and other events during the festive season across the island, including communities that currently are under States of Emergency (SOE).

The extensions, which the House of Representatives approved on December 10, will be debated in the Senate tomorrow, and will possibly take effect weekend.

They will last until the end of January 2020.

Dr. Chang stated that, under the temporary arrangement, the lock-off time has been extended from midnight until 2AM on weekdays, and from 2AM until 4AM on weekends.

He noted that, despite the extensions, law enforcers will have the power to lock off sound systems that are too loud and disruptive.

“If you exceed the sound levels and disturb the citizens in neighbouring areas – despite having permission to go until four, the police will have the right to lock it off. And, in view of the fact that there will be increased events over the next eight weeks, I suspect that the police will not have the time to give you a warning…” the minister said during a press conference yesterday at the Office of the Prime Minister.

He added: “If you exceed the decibel level they (the police) turn it off. If you turn it on back, they will take your equipment. I don’t like the idea of taking equipment because modern equipment is very sensitive and they can damage easily but the reality is that the law is very important.”

The minister also noted that the process of seeking approval for events remains unchanged.

“No new process has been added to the application to conduct an event,” he said. “The police still have the right to examine if there is a risk of violence [and] if in fact the venue obstructs traffic. So, there is no new process. What has been given is some time.”

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