True Love At First Sight

True Love At First Sight

December 21, 2018 0 By Jamaica Beacon

When they enrolled at the HEART Trust training institute in Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, they were total strangers with no clue what fate had in store for them.

Anesha Fuller from Lluidas Vale was pursuing business studies, while Rayon Rose from Parry Town in St Ann was busy wrapping his mind around all things electrical.

When they ran into each other at school on a fateful day in 2009, the romantic voltage was inescapable.

“It was love at first sight – a thing I didn’t know existed until that morning when I saw him,” Anesha told The Beacon, adding: “Since then, we have been at it – the good, the bad, the in-between, and now marriage.”

The couple, on December 16, exchanged nuptial vows at Duxes Seventh Day Adventist Church in Point Hill, St Catherine.

Anesha did it mainly because she admires her lover’s drive – not the ‘drive’ on wheels, but the one that pushes a person towards success.

“The thing I love most about my husband – apart from his handsomeness, is his determination. I love him more each day, and I have a lifetime to continue with him,” she said.

Rayon, in the meantime, recalled that, when he first saw Anesha at school nine years ago, he immediately told one of his friends how love-struck he had become. That friend, Orraine Thomas, was best man at the wedding.

“When I saw her that morning [in school], I told my friend that I had to get her. I did get her, and I got more than I had bargained for. Now, I am a proud husband to an awesome, loving, caring wife. I love the fact that my wife is very supportive; I can always count on her,” added Rayon, who also fathers Anesha’s son.

The son’s name is Rahiem Rose.

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