The Lluidas Vale shooting | Police say how it happened

The Lluidas Vale shooting | Police say how it happened

November 29, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has broken its silence about some of the crimes perpetrated by gunmen who on Tuesday night (November 27) invaded the central area of the relatively small town of Lluidas Vale, located in the St Catherine North West constituency.

Several rumours have been swirling since the incident, which sparked widespread protests and roadblocks in the community yesterday.

The JCF, through its Corporate Communications Unit, this afternoon told The Beacon that three gunmen struck at a makeshift cookshop across from the gas station in the town about 10:30pm.

“They didn’t fire any shot at the cookshop, but they stole $35,000 and a phone valued at approximately $30,000,” it explained.

The JCF said the gunmen later went to a shop in the centre of the town. “They didn’t take anything, but the owner reported hearing something sounding like a gunshot when the men entered the establishment,” added the JCF, which did not facilitate follow-up questions.

It said the gunmen, while moving about the community, also fired shots at a male civilian who was on the roadway. “He reported that they fired two shots at him; he was not injured; nothing was taken from him,” the JCF said.

Amid claims that there was a shootout between a business operator and the gunmen, the JCF told The Beacon: “None of the three victims is a licensed firearm holder – as far as the police knows.”

The gunmen escaped.

The incident on Tuesday is among an unusually high number of gun attacks and robberies to have been reported in the Lluidas Vale police area in recent times.

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