Suspected arsonists strike in Linstead

Suspected arsonists strike in Linstead

April 28, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Investigators theorize that the arsonists attempted to burn two stores operated by people of Chinese descent.

One is located at 4 Fletcher’s Avenue close to the intersection with King Street.

The other is at 10 Fletcher’s Avenue beside Debbie’s Meat and Groceries – not far from Linstead Post Office.

District Officer Calvin Brown of Linstead Fire Station said the blaze at 10 Fletcher’s Avenue partly gutted Zhong Quan Cosmetics, consuming an estimated $2 million worth of goods. He added that the properties destroyed at that location were not insured. District Officer Brown further said the concrete structure was not destroyed by the blaze – something he attributed to the ‘good work’ of fire fighters.

Meanwhile, District Officer Brown stated that, at 4 Fletcher’s Avenue, there are signs that someone tried to set a store ablaze, but that fire was extinguished before fire personnel arrived. Had that fire got out of control, it could have destroyed several businesses and even the famous Linstead Market. District Officer Brown said the properties threatened have an estimated value of more than $100 million.

He told The Beacon that fire personnel went to Fletcher’s Avenue after receiving a phone call at 5:14AM today.

The Linstead Police who were summoned to the scene have launched an investigation into the incidents.

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