State of emergency ends in Kingston | curfews imposed

State of emergency ends in Kingston | curfews imposed

January 8, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Hours after the state of public emergency ended in Kingston and St Andrew, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) announced the imposition of two curfews in the said area.

The state of emergency, which allows the security forces to detain people for months without charge, was imposed in sections of Kingston and St Andrew on September 23 last year.

It ended last night, January 7, after the parliamentary opposition declined to support the government’s push for an extension.

The said state of emergency covered the Kingston Central, Kington Western, and St Andrew South Police Divisions.

The JCF, this morning, announced curfews in two of those divisions.

It also noted: “During the hours of [each] curfew, all persons within its boundaries are required to remain within their premises unless otherwise authorized in writing by the ground commander.”

Kingston Western

In relation to the curfew in Kingston Western, the JCF said it started at 6 o’clock this morning (January 8), and will remain in effect until 6 o’clock Friday morning (January 11).

It further stated that the boundaries are:

NORTH: Along Race Course Lane (Blount Street), from the intersection of Little King Street, travelling to the fence-line forming the western periphery of the Golden Heights Housing Development. It also runs along the northern and eastern sections of the said housing development, travelling south along the paved gully, and continuing to the intersection of Williams Street and Upper Rose Lane.

EAST: Along Rose Lane from the intersection of William Street, continuing south along Rose Lane to the intersection of Beeston Street and Rose Lane.

SOUTH: Along Beeston Street, from Rose Lane continuing west along Beeston Street to the intersection of Spanish Town Road. It also runs southwest along Spanish Town Road to Little King Street (excluding Denham Town High School and Denham Town Police Station).

WEST: Along Little King Street, from Spanish Town Road to the intersection of Race Course Lane (Blount Street).

St Andrew South

The JCF, in the meantime, said the curfew in St Andrew South began at 6 o’clock this morning (January 8), and will remain in effect until 6 o’clock Thursday morning (January 10).

Its boundaries are:

NORTH: Along Pretoria Road, from Bertram Lane to Maxfield Avenue

EAST: Along Maxfield Avenue, from Pretoria Road to Fitzgerald Avenue

SOUTH: Along Fitzgerald Avenue, from Maxfield Avenue to Bertram Lane

WEST: Along Bertram Lane, from Fitzgerald Avenue to Pretoria Road.

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