St. Mary Head Girl Earns First Choice

St. Mary Head Girl Earns First Choice

July 16, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

It is not surprising that Kasheka Grant’s first choice was the highly revered St. Mary High School in Highgate, St. Mary.

The education ministry placed her at the school mainly based on her performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP).

Kasheka is proud of her performance, but said she would have done better if PEP had not been disrupted by the sudden closure of schools, caused by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“I feel great, but I think that if I had gotten the chance to complete all my PEP exams I would have done extremely well,” she said.

Kasheka, who served as Head Girl at Beecham Hill Primary School in St. Mary, is grateful for the support received from her teachers and relatives, including her father Kevin Grant and mother Cyreta Henry.

“They all believed in me and because of that I wanted to make them proud,” the aspiring scientist said.

Her mother, Henry, is elated.

“I think my daughter did exceptionally well; I am so proud of her achievements,” she said.

Kasheka, in the meantime, promises to do well at St. Mary High School.

“They can expect me to be involved in a lot of clubs and school activities and to continue doing well,” she said.

While she was at Beecham Hill Primary, she served as President of the 4-H Club, President of the Culture Club, Health and Wellness Club Leader, Head Girl, and President of the Math Club.

Kasheka is also a past student of Break Through Basic School.

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