St. Mary Boy Scores Big In Maroon Town – He Is Heading To Campion

St. Mary Boy Scores Big In Maroon Town – He Is Heading To Campion

July 23, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Failure is not an option for 11-year-old Chazlamar Ashfall, who is the first student from his rural school to be placed at Campion College – one of the island’s top high schools.

The resident of Scotts Hall – a Maroon town in St. Mary, attended Scotts Hall Primary School, where he performed exceptionally well in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) to top his school.

He attained Mastery in both Literacy and Numeracy at the Grade Four level. In Grade Five, he achieved Highly Proficient in Mathematics and Science, and Proficient in Social Studies and Language Arts. Chazlamar also earned 98 out of 100 points in the Ability Test in Grade Six.

Based on his overall academic performance, the education ministry awarded him his first choice of secondary school – Campion College.

“I feet elated and proud. I studied very very hard to get good grades, so I was excited to know that all my hard work had finally paid off. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I over-came all obstacles,” Chazlamar said, while relishing the idea of going to Campion.

“I always wanted to attend this noble institution because I am impressed with its academic standards and the deportment of its students.”

Chazlamar is cognizant that, despite the tradition of excellence for which the Kingston school is revered, his personal performance is what matters most.

“When I get to Campion, I plan to continue working hard to the best of my ability. I’m a hardworking student who is focused and dedicated to my school work,” he noted in response to questions posed by The Beacon.

Chazlamar, an aspiring scientist, expressed gratitude to his teachers, community, and his relatives – including his aunt Sasha, and his parents Yaneka Roberts and Morlan Ashfall.

His mother said: “I am super elated and proud. PEP was something new for the both of us. We were fearful at first but with the right guidance and supervision these results make me so proud to be his mom. I am excited and happy for him because he works hard, so he is deserving of this success.”

Meanwhile, Grade Six teacher at Scotts Hall Primary, Tomica Smellie, described Chazlamar as an enthusiastic learner who is intrinsically motivated.

“He displays a passion for education which allows him to complete his tasks with pride and perfection. He is not afraid of challenges and always sees and uses them as a means for growth. I know he will excel wherever he goes if he continues with this energy to achieve greatness,” the educator commented.

Chazlamar is not only steeped in academics.

He served as President of the 4H Club at his primary school, which does not have a prefect body. He also participated in various competitions, including his primary school’s Reading Competition from which he emerged as champion on five occasions.

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