St Jago top student, twin brother move up

St Jago top student, twin brother move up

October 9, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Constantine Patterson and Olivia Williams could not have been prouder.

Their twin sons from Orangefield district in Linstead, St Catherine, have settled into sixth form at St Jago High School after individually putting on a spectacular show in their CSEC exams, administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

The brothers this year passed a total of 20 CSEC subjects, with 19 Grade Ones – the best grade one can possibly attain.

Damario Patterson dismantled 11 subjects – all Grade Ones to become the top-performing CSEC student at St Jago High School this year. His brother Damary achieved nine subjects, comprising 8 Grade Ones and a Grade Two.

“We are so proud of them; words can’t explain our excitement,” the parents told The Beacon, adding: “We feel blessed and grateful.”

Both parents are also bearers of great expectations. “We expect Damario and Damary to achieve whatever they set their minds to. We know they can achieve true greatness, and we will support them always.”

Damario Patterson is the top CSEC student at St Jago High School this year, with 11 Grade Ones. He attained all ‘A’ profiles in 10 of those subjects. Photo provided

Damario is using his 11 Grade Ones as a stepping stone to becoming an attorney, a translator, and an ethical hacker – someone who hacks into a computer network to test its security; not maliciously.

He got perfect grades in these 11 subjects: English A, English B, Spanish, French, Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Religious Education, Social Studies, Information Technology, Caribbean History, and Chemistry.

“I am extremely grateful to God for answering my prayers,” Damario told The Beacon. “I am also ecstatic and excited about the results.”

He divulged his recipe for success. “I believe consistency is key. Therefore, in preparing for the exams, I ensured that I continued studying and practising the subjects in and out of the classroom. I started viewing the world as my classroom. In other words, I paid attention to everything I saw and heard that I realized could be an asset to my life.”

Damario, who is heavily involved in extra-curricular activities at school, spoke highly of his community, teachers and peers.

“The community has contributed to my success mostly in the form of encouragement and motivation,” he explained.

“My teachers were also there for me when I was weak and tired – during those moments when I felt like giving up. They were more than teachers; they became like parents to me,” Damario further said.

His brother, Damary, in the meantime, wants to become an economist.

He told The Beacon: “From a tender age, I’ve been a fan of Micheal Lee-Chin and I find fun in dealing with economics-related things.”

Damary’s dream is within striking range, especially considering his exceptional academic performance so far.

Damary Patterson attained nine CSEC subjects, comprising 8 Grade Ones and a Grade Two this year. Photo provided

He attained Grade Ones in these eight CSEC subjects: English A, Spanish, Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Social Studies and Information Technology. Damary also passed English B (Literature), but with a Grade Two.

“I feel ecstatic,” he declared in relation to his grades. “I had to sacrifice a lot of free time. I also had to burn a lot of midnight oil just to ensure I was properly prepared for all exams.”

Damary, like his brother Damario, lauded his community and school for helping to mould him. He too participates in a number of extra-curricular activities at St Jago.

The Patterson brothers, in the meantime, told The Beacon that there was very little collaboration in preparing for their exams, considering that they pursued a number of different subjects. Nonetheless, they noted that they are proud of each other’s performance.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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