St. Ann | Mourning family notes arrest

St. Ann | Mourning family notes arrest

March 31, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

The murdered Garfield Cunningham (left) and Alex Williams. Photos provided

A St. Ann family, which has been reeling from the gun murder of a loved-one, is expressing hope that justice eventually will be served; this amid news that police have arrested and charged the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

The man charged with two counts of murder is 25-year-old Tevin Bent, otherwise called ‘Stormy’, from Steer Town in St. Ann.

He is accused of invading a home at Roaring River in the Steer Town area about 8:10PM on Saturday, March 14, leaving a trail of blood and grief behind.

He allegedly shot and killed 20-year-old Alex Williams and 18-year-old Garfield Cunningham.

A relative of the late Cunningham told The Beacon: “I am relieved that his killer has been brought to justice. I can just imagine how broken Tevin’s family is at this time. Yes, they will be affected by this development, but they too can find comfort in Jesus as we have done.”

The close relative, who requested anonymity, further stated that Cunningham lived elsewhere in St. Ann, but was spending time with relatives when he was slain at his sibling’s house.

“Garfield [Cunningham] was genuine and family-oriented. He shared a bond with his grandma who raised him when he was months old. His grandma is broken, but God keeps her anchored through the stormy seas,” the relative continued.

“As a family, we know that the journey is a long one, but with Jesus by our side we will make it safely. The winds of fear, sadness and deep thoughts have battered our ship, but God keeps us anchored.”

The relative added that Cunningham completed secondary education at Marcus Garvey Technical High School in 2018, and was desirous of enrolling in a skills training centre.

Cunningham’s relative, in the meantime, commended the St. Ann’s Bay Criminal Investigations Bureau for ‘solving this case in such a short time’.

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