Soldier surprises over 100 children

Soldier surprises over 100 children

December 28, 2019 1 By Horace Mills

A soldier originally from Lluidas Vale district in St. Catherine spent the Christmas holiday putting smiles on the faces of children in the streets and some of the island’s public hospitals.

Lance Corporal Donnovan Nelson, who is a resident of Linstead – also in St. Catherine, said he distributed toys and other supplies to 114 children this season.

He stated that most of the people with whom he spoke expressed surprise, adding that they are not accustomed to personally receiving gifts from members of the military.

“One thing that 75 percent of parents and onlookers had to say in common is that they have never seen such thing done by a soldier, and that they could see that I am doing it with love,” Donnovan told The Beacon.

He explained that his goodwill is influenced by a number of personal experiences.

“It has always been my dream to give back to kids and adults who are in need,” Donnovan said, adding that he too faced hardships while growing up.

Donnovan recalled that, at one point, a shoe he wore to school had holes in the bottom, and his foot would get wet whenever it rained.

Hospital visits also strengthened his generosity.

“I went to a few hospitals and saw the conditions of some of the kids and, as trained as I am and emotionally hard, it brought tears to my eyes,” Donnovan explained.

It is no coincidence that some the locations he targeted during his Christmas giveaways included Linstead Public Hospital and the children’s ward at Spanish Town Hospital.

In addition, Donnovan gave away toys randomly to children in the towns of Bog Walk, Spanish Town and Linstead, as well as in Berwick district in the Bog Walk area of St. Catherine.

He expressed gratitude to the people, as well as to Zoukie Trucking Company on Spanish Town Road, who contributed financially towards his effort. “Most of the funds came from my salary,” Donnovan noted.

He further told The Beacon that he will not allow his philanthropy to die with the Christmas season.

“Going forward, I will give out five KFC meal tickets to five students in five random schools across Jamaica each week who have never had KCF and would love to have it and can’t,” Donnovan said.

He also promised to distribute five pairs of school shoes weekly to students in five randomly selected schools.

Donnovan, who has been a member of the Jamaica Defense Force since 2015, further stated that he will establish a foundation to bolster his charity.

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