Robinson To Intervene In Ewarton, Lluidas Vale

Robinson To Intervene In Ewarton, Lluidas Vale

June 25, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP), Julian Robinson, has promised to intervene in a dispute over whether protocols were followed in selecting candidates to represent the party in the Lluidas Vale and Ewarton Divisions.

Those divisions are located in the St. Catherine North West constituency, located within the party’s Region Four.

The leadership of Region Four has written a letter questioning the process used by the constituency executive in selecting the candidates for Lluidas Vale and Ewarton.

Robinson told The Beacon this afternoon that he is aware of the letter.

“I have seen the letter, but I won’t be commenting on it. Whatever issues or concerns, we will seek to resolve them within the confines of the organization within the party. I am not going to get into public commentary on it,” the General Secretary further said.

The controversy started after Graham, who is the constituency Chairman, told The Beacon that the constituency executive selected Donald Tinling Jr to be the new PNP candidate in the Ewarton Division. He added that Moneque Brown was selected for Lluidas Vale Division.

At least two other candidates had applied in each of the divisions.

Graham however explained that, as a result of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the PNP executive had scrapped all election conferences where delegates usually vote to choose candidates. That is the reason given for the constituency executive going ahead and selecting the two candidates.

In its letter to Graham, the PNP Region 4, which is headed by Denise Daley, said: “Please note that there are a number of protocols to be adhered in choosing candidates.

“Let me remind you and the team that there should be the submission of applications to the Regional Secretariat, followed by an interview by the Selection Panel, then further discussion with the constituency and ratification by the Integrity Commission… Be further reminded that the Region has a responsibility to maintain the orderly conduct of the affairs of the constituencies within the region and should be given that opportunity to do so,” the PNP Region Four leadership further advised.

The Beacon, up to publication time, was still trying to get a response from Graham.

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