Road deaths pass 300 mark | Guy calls for more traffic cameras

Road deaths pass 300 mark | Guy calls for more traffic cameras

November 14, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Minister of Transport Robert Montague has lamented that the number of people who have died on the island’s roads so far this year has exceeded the 300 target set by the authorities.

“We are at 309,” he told the House of Representatives yesterday, November 13.

In response, opposition lawmaker Dr Morais Guy indicated that the number is too high.

“The minister mentioned that we have surpassed the target we had. Targets are targets, but all of them are lives. We need to cut down on the amount of lives that are lost on the road each year by these mad drivers,” he said.

Dr Guy, who is a former minister without portfolio in the transport ministry, also recommended that more cameras be installed.

“We need to roll out more of these – whether Jamaica Eye or whatever traffic eye. But we need to have more of these surveillance cameras at the intersections and the stop lights and have these drivers aware – through their pockets [and] through the owners [of vehicles] – that we are concerned as lawful citizens about the state of affairs on the roads,” he said.

Dr Guy added: “If we don’t [have more surveillance cameras], we are going to reach a situation where they (drivers) may create more deaths than the criminals with the guns out there.”

Montague, in response to Dr Guy, noted that more cameras will be installed.

“Almost all the major intersections in the Corporate Area, in May Pen, Mandeville, Montego Bay [and] Ocho Rios already have the means to monitor these intersections electronically. The Ministry of National Security – I am very positive, is rolling out hundreds of new cameras within the next three to four months across other towns in the country,” he said.

Montague further disclosed: “The National Works Agency, through private partnerships, is moving to get traffic cameras separate from the normal CCTV cameras at intersections. [It will install] specific traffic cameras to do speed, and to do lane change and stop light violations.”

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