Residents blamed – Police claim gunmen migrating to Lluidas Vale

Residents blamed – Police claim gunmen migrating to Lluidas Vale

November 19, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Amid claim that the 11PM lock-off time for events is not necessary in the relatively peaceful community of Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, the local police yesterday cautioned that gunmen are in the area.

“We have raided a number of places at night when nuff of yuh ah sleep. Gunmen are in Vale and people from Vale are taking them here,” said Sergeant Oliver Johnson, head of Shady Grove Police Station in Lluidas Vale.

He made the comment during a meeting with business operators at Lluidas Vale Primary School yesterday, November 18.

One resident, Derron Jones, better known as Micky, lamented that the police have been locking off parties at 11PM under the State of Emergency, which has been in effect throughout St Catherine since September 5.

Jones said the police can be more lenient, considering that there is ‘no war’ taking place in Lluidas Vale.

Sergeant Johnson, in the meantime, said: “During the state of public emergency, no gathering [is allowed in public after 11pm]. If a gunman wants somebody, him a spray everybody and yuh can’t say ‘Vale peaceful’, because they (gunmen) migrate and come to Vale.”

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