People’s National Party (PNP) candidate in St. Catherine North West, Hugh Graham, last evening noted that he was the first to bring several relatively expensive brands of motor cars into Jamaica – an indication that he does not need to earn from representational politics.

“Election can’t pay me; politics cannot pay me,” said the businessman who owns Paramount Trading Jamaica Limited.

He continued: “The first Evolution come inna Jamaica, a me bring it in. The first Lexus come in, a me bring it in. The first X5 come, a me bring it in. The first X6 come, a me bring it in. The first SLS come a Jamaica, a me bring it in. Politics can’t pay mi.” Graham also has been driving a Lamborghini – a luxury car.

He commented on his assets during a meeting he hosted last evening with party promoters at The Deck (Tip Top Plaza) in Linstead, St. Catherine North West.

At the time Graham mentioned the cars, he was responding to a party promoter, who gave her name as Jody.

She had suggested that politicians usually make empty promises and often show up only during election campaigns – like the one now taking place.

Graham, while showing Jody a wrist watch he was wearing, also said: “Rolex mek this special for the Lamborghini…” Jody looked away, saying she had no need to see Graham’s watch.

Graham, who is also Councillor for the Lluidas Vale Division, told the gathering that he was not being boastful; he merely was showing that he did not need to enter representational politics to make money.

“I have been a Councillor for three terms; mi deh Lluidas Vale from 2007. I am in North West St. Catherine since 2002 jus a help people. So, if it were that mi never interested inna people, there is no need for me to do this (politics)…,” Graham said.

He continued: “Mi come in [politics] because God bless mi; God help mi and mi is a son of the soil of Jamaica. Mi mother seh, ‘with the blessing weh yuh get youth, gwaan goh give some people some blessing’. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know me. Mi very emotional about it. Mi get $100,000 a month as a Councillor.”

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