Police commits murder in Kellits, witness claims amid minor protest

Police commits murder in Kellits, witness claims amid minor protest

June 24, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Some residents of Kellits in Clarendon staged a minor protest this morning, June 24, and are threatening to intensify their action tomorrow as they call for a police officer to be fired over what they claimed to be an extrajudicial killing.

The police officer, whose name has not been disclosed, shot and killed 25-year-old Princeton Johnson in the town of Kellits on Saturday night, June 22. Johnson is pictured above.

A resident of Kellits, who requested anonymity, told The Beacon that he is among the many people who witnessed the incident.

He claimed that the police officer was working as a security guard at a gas station, and Johnson was passing the said gas station with two boxes containing food he had just purchased.

The alleged eyewitness further claimed: “The police call the man (Johnson) over, and the policeman draw him gun. The man start run and the policeman run him down into the town, shoot the man in the back and then give him about five shots on the ground.”

“The policeman needs to be arrested; he needs to come off the road,” the resident further said.

He stated that Johnson, at no point, pulled an object or reached for his waistband where a toy gun was found after he was killed.

“He didn’t pull the toy gun; he had it in his waist; he didn’t draw it. The man was walking with the two foods,” the alleged eyewitness insisted.

He further said it appears to be an unfortunate coincidence that Johnson was carrying the toy gun. Asked what could be the possible reason for Johnson doing so, the alleged eyewitness said: “It is very strange; he is a joker still.”

He stated that Johnson was also a very peaceful and well-known resident of Kellits.

“He was just in the bar with me drinking; he is a youth that is very peaceful; he is not a troublemaker or anything; he is a boy with a toy gun,” the alleged eyewitness continued.

“People are angry because he (Johnson) is a youth who everybody know. He don’t trouble nobody and the police officer run him down and murder him in the middle of the town with so many people around.”

In the meantime, the Independent Commission of Investigations, which is probing the incident, has issued an appeal for residents to contact its offices to state what they know. It added that its investigators already visited the scene, but will return there in the coming days.

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