PNP and JLP are not the only parties, Linstead residents reminded

PNP and JLP are not the only parties, Linstead residents reminded

March 2, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

While declaring that he is a proud representative of the Marcus Garvey People’s Political Party, Miguel Lorne urged residents of Linstead in St. Catherine to stop thinking that the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) are the only political organizations locally.

“I want you all to rethink because, whenever we mention the word politics in Jamaica, people think of JLP and PNP. You need to get that out of your minds,” he said on February 23, while addressing a ‘Linstead Black Togetherness’ awards ceremony at Rose Duncan Park in the town of Linstead, St. Catherine.

Lorne reasoned that the JLP and PNP have proven that they are incapable of solving major national issues, including crime and violence.

“The reality of crime and violence, brothers and sisters, is that it was heaped upon us; it was brought upon us by the Jamaica Labour Party and the People’s National Party. They are the ones that brought that monster upon us and they can’t solve it now,” added Lorne.

He claimed that the state of emergency underway in places such as Linstead is not solving the crime problem.

Lorne said a workable anti-crime proposal is for greater emphasis to be placed on teaching Black History in schools.

“It is important that we highlight the greatness of black people; we need to make our children walk with their heads up feeling proud…” he told the gathering. “They have made us feel less than human beings and, as long as we feel that way, we are going to behave less than human beings.”

Lorne, in the meantime, claimed that successive JLP and PNP governments have not held the United States (US) accountable.

He noted that the US is yet to exonerate Jamaica’s national hero Marcus Garvey of the ‘trumped up’ charges on which he was convicted, adding that such issue should take prominence at any discussion between US and Jamaican officials.

Lorne also accused successive governments of not holding the United States accountable for the flow of guns into Jamaica.

“The guns are coming in and the police have indicated that 98 percent of the guns that come here come from America‚Ķ Not only that, it is made by America‚Ķ Don’t you think we should charge the United States for it?” he said to the gathering.

Lorne further proposed: “For every short gun [made in the US or smuggled from there], we say you (the US) have to pay US$5,000 and for every long gun you have to pay US$10,000. If we did that, wouldn’t they stop the guns from coming here? Brothers and sisters, you have to impose penalty or else they will just give you lip service.

“America can stop those guns; America has the resources to stop the guns from coming, but they don’t mind [because] is black people killing black people. So, it is important that we must have governments that can stand as man,” Lorne further trumpeted.

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