Plane crash victim hailed as world’s best dad

Plane crash victim hailed as world’s best dad

May 7, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Miguel Jones loved his three children immeasurably and would have wanted to be around to help them live their fullest potential. Fate, however, planned otherwise.

The 43-year-old mechanical engineer, who lived in the Windward Road area of Kingston, suffered a nasty demise last Thursday when the plane in which he was traveling from Montego Bay to Kingston, fell from the skies above Trelawny and crumpled in woods not far from Duncans town.

Two other International Airlink workers who were aboard the Cessna 206 carrier – pilot Carlon Snipe and 25-year-old captain Rojorn Campbell – also lost their lives.

A probe to ascertain the cause of the crash is underway. The wreckage of the aircraft was removed from the crash site yesterday and eyewitness are being interviewed, said Director General of Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority Nari Williams-Singh.

Whatever the findings of the probe may be, they will never bring enough solace to young Miguel Jr, Kofie, and Jaheim Jones whose dad will never return.

“He was the best dad in the world,” said his spouse, Shawnette Stoddart.

“It is sad that you had to go like this. Love you forever,” she added in a social media comment.

Miguel’s sister, Karen Jones-Anderson, told The Jamaica Beacon that one attribute she admired in her brother was his love for his children – 19, 13, and 9 years old.

“He surely was an exceptional dad. He went above and beyond for his children, always wanting the best for them and the best out of them,” she said.

“Miguel was always helpful, doing things for others, and very much involved in his children’s lives. They meant the world to him.”

Jones-Anderson, who lives in the United States, stated that her brother attended Camperdown High School in Kingston and later worked at Tinson Pen Aerodrome before he eventually became employed to International Airlink.

She told The Jamaica Beacon that she last spoke with him on Tuesday – two days before his life was cut short.

“We were just speaking casually.He mention of going into Kingston on Friday for the day, and return to MoBay on Saturday for work.”

Miguel Jones

Jones-Anderson further explained that she was in ‘utter disbelief’ when her father first delivered the news that the aircraft was missing.

“I called two cousins in Jamaica and they told me they were unaware of any plane crash that occurred. At about 7:35AM on Friday, one of my cousins called back to say it’s on the news that two pilots and a mechanic are missing.”

“That’s when I lost it,” Jones-Anderson said. “That day was the longest day for me, waiting to hear the results of the search. I got the final news via text at about 6PM Friday [that my brother is dead].”

Jones-Anderson further stated that the family has been hit hard by the tragedy, adding that her brother will always be remembered as someone who was highly loyal and filled with charisma.

“A strong point of his, he was always keeping in touch with whether friends or family. If you’re a friend of Miguel, you’re a friend for life,” she declared.

By Horace Mills

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