PHOTO OF THE DAY: Hugh Graham’s luxurious drive

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Hugh Graham’s luxurious drive

February 23, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

This is the ‘super expensive’ vehicle that Councillor for Lluidas Vale Division in St Catherine Hugh Graham has been driving these days; a Lamborghini.

Graham, who also is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Trading Limited, recently declined to comment on the luxurious vehicle.

However, tongues have been wagging about the car for some time now – especially in Lluidas Vale and other parts of St Catherine North West, which Graham will seek to represent in parliament in the next election.

Hugh Graham, Councillor of the Lluidas Vale Division in St Catherine, and Founder of Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Limited

A journalist who has extensive knowledge of vehicles told The Beacon that a Lamborghini is a ‘super expensive’ car, adding that a typical one can cost as much as US$200,000.

He added: “That type of vehicle is not very common in Jamaica. In fact, it is possibly the only one on the island.”

It is not clear how the vehicle was acquired, but it has left persons trying to figure out the politician’s possible net worth.

Their guess is as good as ours.

These photos showing the car are among those being circulated on social media.

Graham, in an interview about a $7.3 million debt incurred at a gas station he leased on behalf of a friend in Lluidas Vale, recently told The Beacon: “$7 million is nothing… People owe me $300 million.”

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