NSWMA Boss Willing To Visit Lluidas Vale For Garbage Talks

NSWMA Boss Willing To Visit Lluidas Vale For Garbage Talks

October 1, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) said it is willing to go into Lluidas Vale in St. Catherine to discuss garbage collection issues, and to sensitize residents about the possibility of composting, which essentially means using certain solid waste for agricultural purposes.

Executive Director at the NSWMA, Audley Gordon, said it is not far-fetched that the community is being impacted by the general shortage of garbage trucks, which is affecting collection island-wide.

He added: “We do have truck challenge. I am not certain as to the particular challenge in Lluidas Vale. What we do know or can concede upfront is that an area like Lluidas Vale would, from time to time, have problems [with garbage collection]. When we do dispatch a truck, because we don’t dispatch on time most of the times – and I am conceding that, it will get full sometimes before it reaches as far as Lluidas Vale. Now, it is how we manage the return trips that will solve Lluidas Vale problems.”

Gordon noted that the government had promised to provide the agency with an additional 100 garbage trucks, but that has been delayed to facilitate the administration’s spending in the fight against COVID-19.

In the meantime, the NSWMA boss encouraged residents of Lluidas Vale to help alleviate some of the challenges partly by properly packing garbage into containers.

“I make the point, not as an excuse [for not collecting the garbage], but 20 bags of garbage properly containerized don’t create the unsightliness that one bag of garbage that is not containerized will create,” he added.

Gordon also proposed composting, especially considering that Lluidas Vale is an agricultural area.

“A good percentage of what they pack up to put on a truck could be used right back on their farms as very good soil nourishment,” he said. “So we want to come into Lluidas Vale to talk composting. Please assure the people of Lluidas Vale that we are prepared to come to talk to them about composting and to discuss their garbage collection challenges.”

Gordon, in an interview with The Beacon, noted that his agency’s phone numbers are widely available, and so people in Lluidas Vale can reach out to him to make the necessary arrangement regarding a visit.

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