Nearly 50 Primary Schools To Reopen In St Catherine (Full List Inside)

Nearly 50 Primary Schools To Reopen In St Catherine (Full List Inside)

November 6, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Nearly 50 primary schools in St. Catherine are among those that will reopen on Monday (November 8) for face-to-face classes after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information provided by the Ministry of Education indicates that an overwhelming majority of the said schools are in areas classified as either ‘rural’ or ‘rural remote’.

The current population sizes of the schools scheduled to reopen are also below the respective capacities of the institutions.

Those schools are:

  • Juan de-Bolas Primary, which the education ministry said has a student population of 28 and a capacity of 120.
  • Top Hill Primary, which the ministry said has a student population of 51 and a capacity of 95.
  • Tydixon Primary, which has 52 students and a capacity of 105.
  • Mount Rosser Primary, which has 97 students and a capacity of 140.
  • Guys Hill Primary
  • Paul Mountain Primary
  • Ginger Ridge Primary
  • Guanaboa Vale Primary
  • Browns Hall Primary
  • Bellas Gate Primary
  • Berry Hill Primary and Infant
  • Bonnett Primary and Infant
  • Eccleston Primary
  • Hamwalk Primary
  • Harewood Primary
  • Jubilee Town Primary
  • Marlie Hill Primary and Infant
  • McCook Primary
  • Pear Tree Grove Primary
  • Rose Hill Primary
  • St. Faiths Primary
  • Seafield Primary
  • Simon Primary & Infant
  • Sligoville All Age
  • Planters Hall All Age and Infant
  • Bartons Primary
  • Bermaddy Primary
  • Cassava River Primary and Infant
  • Garden Hill Primary & Infant
  • Grateful Hill Primary
  • Lucky Valley Primary
  • Mount Hermon Primary
  • Mount Moreland Primary & Junior High
  • Mount Nebo Primary
  • Redwood Primary
  • St. Mary’s All Age
  • Sargeantville Primary
  • Spring Gardens All Age
  • Troja Primary & Junior High
  • Wakefield Primary
  • Watermount Primary
  • White Marl Primary & Junior High
  • New Mount Industry Primary
  • Waterford Primary
  • Tredegar Park All Age
  • Top Jackson Primary

Prime Minister Andrew Holness this month announced that a total of 376 primary schools across the island have been selected to reopen for face-to-face classes on Monday.

He said the institutions were selected following an in-depth risk assessment of the 759 primary schools across the island.

Holness explained that schools were chosen based on their risk profile, which looked at factors such as the number of students enrolled versus the number of spaces, and the number of COVID-19 cases in the communities where the schools are located.

Other factors included access to water for drinking and sanitation purposes, internet connectivity, and the average distance travelled by students in commuting to and from school.

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