Mystery flyer puzzles Linstead

Mystery flyer puzzles Linstead

November 23, 2019 0 By Horace Mills
This is one of the flyers posted in the Linstead area

A flyer that mysteriously appeared in a few towns – including Linstead in St Catherine, has been causing quite a stir among the local population – majority of which has no idea what the characters on the poster mean in English or what message persons are trying to communicate.

Ryan Lattibeaudiere Small, a Jamaican native who studied Chinese and lived in China for seven years, agreed with other sources that the language is Chinese.

He also concurred with other sources that the characters, in English, mean revival, regeneration, renaissance or other synonyms of the sort.

The characters however lack context, and so are causing confusion to linger in the minds of area residents who predominantly speak Jamaican Creole and – to a lesser extent – English Language.

Small, in hazarding a guess, told The Beacon that the message does not have to be superstitious or dangerous.

“I am not sure what the person who wrote it is trying to say, but, if the flyer is being posted all around, it could mean that persons are talking about the state of the surrounding, and the need for it to be rejuvenated or revived,” he said.

In the meantime, a number of Linstead residents have been sending photos of the flyers to The Beacon, expressing concern about the mystery that shrouds them.

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