My son is innocent | Lluidas Vale mother not pleased her son was locked up after robbery in his community

My son is innocent | Lluidas Vale mother not pleased her son was locked up after robbery in his community

September 13, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A mother from Lluidas Vale in St. Catherine is publicly declaring that her son is not involved in any wrongdoing; this after the youngster was locked up for two days last week in relation to a robbery in the community. The police eventually released him without charge.

The robbery took place last week Monday night, September 7, at a bar and restaurant located in a section of Lluidas Vale known as Camp.

Allegations are that three gunmen, while brandishing weapons, robbed the female business proprietor as well as an off-duty police officer who was inside the bar. At the time, the officer did not have a firearm.

The gunmen later escaped in a waiting motorcar, which travelled towards central Lluidas Vale, The Beacon has been told.

Simone Creary, mother of the youngster who was locked up, contacted The Beacon yesterday to express her grouse.

She explained that she was at home two days after the robbery when the Lluidas Vale police showed up and took her son into custody for questioning in relation to the crime.

Reports are that a surveillance camera, which is located at the business establishment, picked up the young man using the roadway and a telephone moments before the robbery.

The mother said the camera picked up her son because it is focused on the roadway, adding that her son uses the said road regularly when travelling to and from his home.

She further stated that her son’s telephone has been unable to send out calls since last year, and so he could not have used it to liaise with any robber.

“When the police come and check the phone, the phone is not good; my son was playing music on the phone; the phone don’t good. From last year him use the phone, it don’t mek nuh call again because it nuh good,” the mother said emphatically.

She further proclaimed that her son is an upstanding citizen, who works with a mason.

“I was so ashamed to how dem nasty up mi son name through the community, and dem know him from a tender age, knowing that he is not someone like that [who is involved in wrongdoing]. Dem disgrace him right through the community, saying him call people to rob… He was wrongfully accused of things he knows nothing about,” the mother added.

She lamented that her son also lost two days off the job – the two days he spent in lock-up.

“Me lost two night rest because mi cry the whole two night him deh jail a sleep pon cold concrete,” the mother said.

Police are continuing their probe in relation to the robbery.

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