MP wants ‘Nanny Square’ in Port Antonio

MP wants ‘Nanny Square’ in Port Antonio

October 17, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for Portland East Dr Lyndale Bloomfield gave parliament notice yesterday (October 16) that he will move a motion to have the square in his parish capital, Port Antonio, named in honour of the island’s only national heroine, Nanny.

He also disclosed that he wants a statue of Nanny to be erected in the town centre, and for the stretch of roadway from Breastworks to Nanny Falls to be named the Nanny Trail.

Dr Bloomfield’s motion further said any infrastructural and other modifications to the said square or trail should be undertaken and completed to reflect the high regard and respect for Nanny’s status.

When the House of Representatives next meets, Dr Bloomfield will move the motion for the aforementioned proposals to be debated and eventually voted on.

He noted in parliament that his motion is based on the fact that Nanny is the island’s sole national heroine, that she captivates national and international attention, that she is an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage, and that she is accorded iconic status in her Portland home.

“There is a great need that her status as a heroine should be integrated in the daily lives of citizens and visitors,” Dr Bloomfield further said.

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