It’s finally Christmas – Malik Hamilton launches first album

December 10, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

It’s finally Christmas!

That’s the title of the debut album released by standout saxophonist, Malik Hamilton, who originally is from Lluidas Vale district in St. Catherine.

He is oozing confidence about the eight-track production released during a ceremony, which was held amid COVID-19 restrictions at Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston on Sunday afternoon, December 6.

The audience comprised mainly people who played integral roles in Hamilton’s musical journey – including educators from his alma mater, Enid Bennett High School, in Bog Walk, St. Catherine.

Neil Ferguson and Sherwayne Thompson did the technical work on the album.

“I went to the launch thinking it was going to be a good show,” Hamilton said. “I had high expectations, and my expectations were exceeded greatly.”

The musician is also ecstatic about the feedback he has been getting in relation to the album.

“I thought I was excited, but people are really excited about the album, and those who have gotten their copies already are asking when I will be putting out another album. So, it has been great thus far,” he reasoned.

The album, which eventually will be available for sale online, can currently be purchased on CDs for JA$2,000 and USB flash drives for JA$2,500. Purchases can be made via this phone number: 876-884-8769.

Reflecting on the origin of the production, Hamilton said he merely was recording some Christmas songs, which some one heard and encouraged him to convert into an album.

He commenced work on the album in October this year.

Hamilton told The Beacon: “The time was limited; I have never done an album before. It was a bit tedious, but I always love this time of the year; I love Christmas songs from a very tender age, and that was one of the things that inspired me.

“I always wanted to do a Christmas special; I wasn’t necessarily thinking about an album,” added the 24-year-old, whose mastery of the woodwind instrument earned him a parish goal medal in the 2014 festival hosted by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC).

The saxophonist, who has performed in the United States and at several high-level events in Jamaica, is solo performer on six of the album’s tracks.

The other two tracks – ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ and ‘Oh Holy Night’ – respectively features singers Karim Chang and Tasha-Gay Solomon.

Hamilton stated that, in relation to song choices and the decision to include featured artistes, his main aim was to add diversity to the product.

“I am targeting everyone,” he noted. “I have tracks there that are not so common to Jamaicans.”

Hamilton, whose maiden album comprises covers, said he is also working on original songs that should become available in the form of an album next year.

“People can expect more music – singles, working on albums, and working on original stuff. I want people to identify me with a certain kind of music, so I am trying to work on some originals,” he explained.

He, in the meantime, encouraged young musicians to work hard and believe in themselves, adding that they should not allow criticism to deflate their dreams.

Hamilton also advised: “Music is a very beautiful thing. If you can be connected to your music, there are many possibilities, many things that you can do, and many people you can reach through music.”

To watch a recorded portion of the album launch, CLICK HERE.

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