LLUIDAS VALE: Woman riding bike for 20 years; others can’t stop staring

LLUIDAS VALE: Woman riding bike for 20 years; others can’t stop staring

November 7, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

At the end of a funeral service last Saturday in Lluidas Vale district, St Catherine, Juliet Taylor did something no other woman did.

She stepped out of the church, mounted a bike, and rode off into the distance.

Mrs Taylor, at the time, had no clue she was being photographed by The Beacon. When we told her a few days later, she laughed.

She disclosed that she has been riding motorcycles for 20 years, adding that she has never been involved in an accident.

Mrs Taylor explained that her husband Michael gave her initial riding lessons, but he was a bit too impatient. As a result, she took matters into her own hands, riding bikes around Lluidas Vale until she mastered the art. Now, the woman, who said she is in her early 40s, rides motorcycles to virtually anywhere on island.

“I know that women fear bikes; there are many people who said they wouldn’t ride it,” Mrs Taylor said. “I prefer to ride a bike than to drive a car; I just love it. I ride it to control it, I don’t ride it to make it control me.”

Juliet Taylor

Mrs Taylor, a native of St Mary living in Lluidas Vale for 28 years, underscored the importance of riding safely.

“You just have to ride it in the way you can control it, take your time and just be conscious,” she said, adding: “I wear my helmet everyday.”

Mrs Taylor, in the meantime, said people are still excited whenever she rides the bike possibly because they don’t expect a female civilian to be in control of such a vehicle. She noted that one of her female co-workers at Worthy Park Sugar Estate is also a good bike rider.

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