Member of Parliament for St. Catherine North West, Hugh Graham, said he has submitted the names of two roads in the Lluidas Vale Division that he expects to be repaired soon with funds from the Ministry of Agriculture.

They are the roadway between Pennington District and Lluidas Vale proper, and that at New Hall in the Tydixon area.

Graham stated that engineers associated with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) recently visited the Pennington road.

He added: “The Pennington road is one that has been on the radar since last year, and I know the Minister of Agriculture announced a package for farm roads. Pennington and New Hall are two of those farm roads where the sugar cane comes from or persons’ livelihoods depend on getting their produce to markets. So, from the Lluidas Vale area, those two roads are targeted.”

Graham, in the meantime, said a number of other roads are being repaired under other government programmes.

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