LLUIDAS VALE: Man not pleased with police handling of beating case

LLUIDAS VALE: Man not pleased with police handling of beating case

July 28, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Henry Watson

A resident of Lluidas Vale in St. Catherine is expressing disappointment with the manner in which a case in which he is involved is being handled by officers at Shady Grove Police Station in his community.

Henry Watson, better known as Buccaneer, said he went to the station on June 6 to make a report moments after five residents – including two women – ganged and beat him badly during an argument in the vicinity of an establishment called Shoppy.

He claimed that the police for several days refused to pursue the beaters, adding that they repeatedly gave him the run-around whenever he visited the station to get answers.

“The police who are here [in Lluidas Vale]; they doing nothing. It seems like they wanted to work on the [accused] woman side to allow things to go free,” Henry opined.

He said he eventually brought the matter to the attention of the Spanish Town Police, and that was when the officers in Lluidas Vale responded to him on June 16 and also arrested and charged two of the alleged beaters.

Henry is questioning why the police have not charged the other three alleged offenders.

He, in the meantime, told The Beacon that he is still feeling pain in the back and shoulder, adding that he is unable to have an X-Ray done because he does not have the necessary funds.

Henry said the pain also affects him whenever he tries to perform his job as a construction worker.

“Dem beat mi up; dem gang mi; kick mi down; step pon mi; dem duh mi a lot of things. Blood run; dem batter mi,” Henry claimed, adding that the beating eventually stopped when residents intervened.

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