LLUIDAS VALE: Graham to install lights, stands at playing field

LLUIDAS VALE: Graham to install lights, stands at playing field

November 2, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Councillor for the Lluidas Vale Division in St Catherine North West, Hugh Graham, said improvement works should resume at the Lluidas Vale playing field early next year, adding that the facility is in need of lighting and proper stands.

During a ceremony to close the RumBar/Lluidas Vale Corner League on Sunday, the politician told persons gathered on the playing field: “I am the backbone behind this facility and bringing it to where it is. It is my commitment to continue to take it to wherever it needs to go. We had stopped for a while to catch our breath – as dem seh, bite and blow.

“But the stands are needed and some lights are needed,” added Graham, who is the new People’s National Party candidate in the constituency, which also covers Ewarton.

He noted that plans are also afoot to further develop the playing field in Ewarton.

Graham did not give specifics regarding the impending Ewarton works, but he disclosed that the stadium bulbs there may be relocated to the field in Lluidas Vale.

“You know that it (the Ewarton field) is now lit and you have night football. Well, there is a further development for that facility and, once we have started that, then I am hoping that we can transfer the lights from there to here [in Lluidas Vale]. That’s the next project, and I am hoping that we can jump into that by January,” the councillor further said. A pair of the lights currently at the playing field in Ewarton is shown in the display photo at the top of this story.

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